100 Free And Easy Ways You Can Have Fun

John Jan 07, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. Free things to do on a date.
  2. Free things to do with children.
  3. Free activities for groups.
  4. Free things to do while rolling solo.
  5. Free things you can do with your best friend.
  6. Free things to do out in town.
  7. Free things to do outdoors.
  8. Free things to do each season.
    1. In the winter.
    2. In the spring.
    3. In the summer.
    4. In the fall.
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Are you searching for “free fun things to do” on the internet? Well you've come to the right place! Finding fun, cost-free activities is straightforward if you know where and how to look. I am here to assist you and take the guesswork out of your search to find free and easy ways you can have fun.

If you are spending too much on entertainment, you need to alter your habits.

I’m not suggesting you stay in and do nothing. The timeless pearl of wisdom embodied in the axiom ‘All work and no play makes John a dull boy’ is one we should keep in mind here.

Inflation eats through our budgets faster than a Bugatti Chiron devours fuel (9 mpg), so we must find other ways to have fun. But this might require some self-control.

How do you stay on budget when money is tight? If you focus on the wrong things (things that cost money), you will always stray from the path to financial freedom. Don’t do this. If you focus on the right things (things that cost nothing), you will enjoy quality time well spent without spending. Once you focus on the right things, discipline will no longer be an issue.

Keeping boredom at bay while also staying on track to achieve financial objectives is why I have compiled a list of 100 free activities. Be sure to include some of these thoughts in your daily life and have fun without feeling guilty about your finances. They are completely free.

Before venturing into these “freebies,” keep an open mind and seek pleasure in their simple nature. A grateful heart will give you a positive outlook. If you are unable to adopt gratitude, you may have to change your beliefs. The belief that you need money to find happiness is detrimental. This idea will cause you to sidetrack your path to financial freedom faster than a getaway vehicle cruising over spike strips on a freeway.

It is time to examine your heart and reconsider your beliefs, then focus on the good. Are you ready to begin? If so, here are 100 free activities to have fun with today or this week.


Free things to do on a date.

1. On a penny date, you use coin flips to determine where you will eat. Starting at a certain location, flip a coin and see what side it lands on. If it lands on tails, turn left; if it lands on heads, turn right. Continue flipping coins until a predetermined number of flips are done, and pray you don’t end up somewhere weird. It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

2. Show off your culinary abilities (or grilling prowess) and wow your date by cooking a meal at home. Or get in the kitchen and cook together.

3. Take a stroll on the beach with your significant other. This romantic cliché is a wonderful way to spend time with him or her. You won’t have to take out your wallet to pay for anything while you enjoy fantastic sights and conversation.

4. On a clear night or early morning before sunrise, find a private spot and gaze at the stars. Look for constellations and shooting stars. If a local college or astronomy club offers free planetarium shows, take them indoors and have fun.

5. You can check out the local up-and-coming talent at a comedy club by attending a free show during the week. You won’t hear from any well-known comedians, but you can laugh at a comedy show.

6. Find a dive bar or lounge with pool tables and play a game of pool. If you don’t like billiards, try darts, cornhole, or some other game.

7. Want to learn to swing dance, line dance, or salsa? Local dance organizations or clubs may offer free lessons to the public.

8. Take a free tour of a winery or brewery and learn about the history and production process of your favorite drinks. Samples of free alcohol are usually available.

9. Sure to impress your date or make you seem like a secret judge of singing skills, go to open mic night. But avoid venues with a cover charge.

10. Look for poetry slam events at your local coffee shop, wine bar, or independent bookstore to attend. The performers may provide fodder for further discussion with your date.

11. Art gallery openings are a great chance to see new work and meet the artists.

12. There are free tickets to an advance movie screening if you want to see a movie with your significant other. Is there a film releasing soon that you would like to see?

young boys playing toy guns

Free things to do with children.

13. Going to the playground is one of the most popular activities for families. It is an activity young children seem to never get tired of. Try out a new playground in a different part of the city to change things up a bit.

14. It’s time to get creative, even if it’s raining outside. Take your kids to an indoor play area, such as a mall or IKEA. Although fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A also have play areas for patrons, they are really for people who order food. But the truth is, nobody will probably say anything.

15. You can find arts and crafts ideas online, but don’t worry if things don’t turn out Pinterest-perfect. You don’t have to worry about supplies, either. Toilet paper rolls and sponges, for example, can be used to make something imaginative. Remember to have fun spending time with your children as well.

16. A family movie night can be an economical alternative to movie tickets and snacks. Instead of popping popcorn at home, choose a fun movie to watch. Choose a DVD from your library so that you don’t see the same film for the 15th time.

17. Have a game night with friends. Play some board games or cards. Add some new games to the tournament by inviting people over.

18. You don’t need a fancy karaoke machine to have fun. Look for instrumentals of your favorite songs on YouTube and pull up the lyrics. Alternatively, you can sing the regular version of the song and attempt your best lip-synch impersonations of the singer.

19. You can support your local jazz bands or see the latest production of “Annie” even if you don’t have children in a jazz band. You may be able to get into elementary school shows for free. You may have to pay a nominal fee to attend a high school performance.

20. There are a variety of youth sports leagues in your community. Whether it’s t-ball, soccer, flag football, or basketball, cheer on the little leaguers. Skip the professional league prices and go to a game.

21. Participate in an in-store event for free. All sorts of retail chains host special events for children. You don’t have to spend money to attend them. Barnes and Noble hosts children’s story time sessions. Michaels, Joann, The Home Depot, and Lowe’s all invite children to make craft projects. The Disney Store and Bass Pro Shops offer special events to commemorate the holidays.

22. Forget the water park; visit a splash pad instead on a hot day. Or make your own sprinkle garden with a hose and sprinklers in the backyard.

23. Create a scrapbook using old ticket stubs, photographs, and scraps of construction paper. Remember the good old days while having fun by making a scrapbook.

24. Put the (imaginary) spotlight on your children for a talent show as they exhibit what they love to do. Invite friends and neighbors to join in.

25. Make your field day at home by using what you have—a pillowcase potato sack race or a jump rope for a tug of war, for example.

26. There are skating rinks across the country that participate in the Kids Skate Free program, where children may skate for free at select times. You may have to pay for skate rentals if your children don’t have their own.

27. Blow bubbles, draw with sidewalk chalk, jump rope, hula-hoop, or play tag or hide and seek. You don’t have to worry about the kids destroying the house when you spend time outside. There are plenty of fun, free activities you can do.

28. Science experiments are a fun way to learn at home, so disguise these learning opportunities as such. Combine baking soda and vinegar to create a fizzing eruption. Build aluminum foil boats and see how many pennies they can hold before sinking. Google is your best friend in finding other neat science experiments to try at home.

29. Create a time capsule. Collect contemporary items—newspaper clippings, store catalogs, journal entries—and entomb them in a container so that they can be unearthed decades from now.

happy diverse sportspeople jogging in park

Free activities for groups.

30. Rather than going out to eat, gather a group of friends together and make the food yourself. Make it fun by choosing a theme, like country cuisine, vegetarian/vegan, dishes that include cheese, or family favorites.

31. A video game competition is a fun way to flame the competitive spirit all in the name of fun. Scorekeeping is mandatory though. Friendly non-cash wagers can be a fun way to spice it up.

32. Invite your friends over for a movie marathon. Choose a favorite movie and have a night to remember. Alternatively, you could all binge on a TV show that you enjoy together on Netflix.

33. Play a sport and round up enough players to head to your local park for a game of basketball, flag football, soccer, or whichever sport you prefer.

34. Form a book club and connect with other book lovers. Take turns hosting monthly meetings.

35. Joining a run club is a great way to get connected socially and break a sweat. Working out with a neighbor is a wonderful method to establish social ties and have a unique, shared experience.

36. Get together with your musically inclined friends to form an impromptu band.

37. Have a block party and ask each neighbor to contribute a dish to be served, with some music playing and conversation flowing freely.

person making some human sketch

Free things to do while rolling solo.

40. You can be creative by tapping into your inner artist with supplies as simple as pencil and paper. Colored pens, markers and/or paints adds a fun splash of color that may some new moves.s

39. Try something new online by learning a new song on the guitar, a new recipe, a new dance routine, or whatever you’ve been itching to try.

40. You can be creative by tapping into your inner artist with supplies as simple as pencil and paper. Colored pens, markers and/or paint adds a fun splash of color that may further tap into your creative side.

41. Volunteering can give you a personal boost by letting you usher at a local theater, serving at a 5K, or playing with puppies at an animal shelter.

42. Live far away from loved ones? Don’t worry; with video chat, you can still spend quality time together. Connect with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while.

43. Spending time browsing through the stacks at a bookstore is one way to pass the time. You can also attend an author talk or just browse through the stacks.

44. Map out an ambitious goal, whether you want to train for a half-marathon or take a road trip in an old VW camper. It can be more enjoyable than the work required to achieve it if you take the time to work on the planning itself. This plan is the first step to achieving your personal goal, so why not start it.

45. You can create a DIY spa treatment using coconut oil, coarse sugar, and a couple of drops of essential oil. A few drops or sprays of essential oil while taking a hot shower is all you need for that spa experience.

46. You may gain a lot of knowledge about people or birds by simply observing them. This activity is open to interpretation, so have fun with it. Why is that person or group acting a certain way? Why is that bird chirping or flapping its wings? You may learn anything here, so be imaginative and see what happens.

47. Learn how to make the most of your iPhone or Mac at an Apple workshop. The Apple store regularly holds free seminars on how to use photos and movies.

48. You can learn how to code, start a business, and self-develop through Google’s free virtual courses. Where will your interests take you? If you enjoy learning new things to apply in your life, these courses are for you.

49. Make sure to ask your mother for her popular meatloaf recipe, or search the internet for instructions on how to prepare a meal you’ve been longing for. Try out a new recipe and see what new dishes become a new family favorite.

best friend

Free things you can do with your best friend.

50. Plan a day trip and take a break from home by exploring somewhere close but far enough away to be a new experience. Be sure to bring snacks for the car.

51. There are still many wonderful homes out there to buy, but if you’re not in the market, you can still benefit from an open house. You can learn about interior design as well as get some home-baked cookies. Or you can just see how others live if you’re an HGTV junky.

52. Instead of purchasing a premade set of conversation cards, make your own using internet suggestions. What three things would your best friend take if stranded on a deserted island? Learn about all sorts of random things rather than going out and buying a set of cards.

53. Choose an outrageous outfit for your wife, children, or friend(s) to try on at the mall. Be a good sport when they select an absurd outfit for you, and be sure to photograph the whole ordeal.

54. You don’t require tickets to your favorite sporting event to enjoy the atmosphere. Take a portable grill, snacks, and a cooler full of drinks, and stake out in the parking lot with a radio to follow the big game.

55. Sometimes the seemingly mundane can be quite interesting if you spend time people-watching. Find a spot with a lot of pedestrian traffic and spend time with your best friend, observing those who pass by. Whoever can come up with the funniest backstory for the characters you see wins bonus points.

56. Instead of taking a vacation, swap houses with your best friend and spend the weekend exploring their hometown. Make dinner using whatever is in their pantry, and watch a movie from their DVD collection.

outdoor cafe

Free things to do out in town.

57. Look into visiting historic sites if your city has a historical society. Having a curious mindset about the way things were can make this a quite enjoyable experience.

58. The local library is a great resource for books, DVDs, music, audiobooks, magazines, and even free streaming services. Pick out your fun, and have a plan on how and where you want to absorb the material. Curled up in your favorite living room chair, on your morning commute to work, or lounging on a park bench. You have numerous options to choose from depending on your interests.

59. You can visit a grant-funded museum that doesn’t charge for admission by simply touring. You can get free admission to a museum by checking for free admission. Some museums offer free admission for residents on certain days. If you live nearby, your local library may let you reserve free passes. During September, museums around the country sponsor Free Museum Day, which is another way to get free admission.

60. Window shopping can be a fun way to spend time if you can resist the urge to pull out your debit card. Visit a store you’ve never been to or check out the latest merchandise at your favorite store.

61. Go on a photo shoot and take pictures around town.

62. Make sure to check out your city’s events calendar to discover what free activities are available. You may also discover free events on Eventbrite, your local chamber of commerce, and even community Facebook groups. If you think you’ll be tempted to spend money from vendors, leave your money at home.

63. Seeing a movie in the park is one of my favorite things to do. Find out if your city’s parks and recreation department offers this experience.

64. Many cities offer outdoor concerts when the weather is nice, just like movies in the park. You may not hear superstar musicians, but you won’t have to pay concert venue prices.

65. Churches frequently hold open events, such as concerts, plays, and public messages. You can attend one of these events.

66. Go to a free lecture, book signing, or other event at your local community college.

67. Go exploring in a new part of town. You may discover a favorite new aspect of your city if you venture out on foot. A bicycle can be a better choice than walking to cover more ground.

68. Make sure to stop by the visitor center and be educated on all the points of interest your city has to offer. Ask one of the workers if they know of any favorite spots that the locals frequent. Some of these are the best kept secrets, and for good reason.

69. Learn about new shops and restaurants before they open by talking to your local business journal or chamber of commerce about their upcoming grand openings. In addition to free samples and other giveaways, you can have a lot of fun at these events.

70. Joining a local meetup is a great way to connect with local community members. You can connect with people who share your interests through your local chamber of commerce or local Facebook community groups. You can browse by category to find groups that interest you. Some events are free, but you may also find some that cost money.

silhouette of group of people between tree line

Free things to do outdoors.

71. Take a walk through a local park and get some fresh air. Bring your four-legged friend along as well.

72. You don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy your time at the farmers market, but you can buy affordable produce there. Browse local craft vendors’ wares, sample dishes, and listen to live music.

73. Take a walk and enjoy the health benefits of being surrounded by nature.

74. Take a bike ride. Go for a ride and see some public murals or interesting places in the city if you prefer a more urban setting. Stop at prominent landmarks and historical sites to learn more about them.

75. You can save money on your vacation by swapping a hotel room for a campground. If you can’t find a free campsite in your area, turn your backyard into one. Ask a friend if you don’t already have one for a tent.

76. Whether you plan on sleeping outdoors or not, spending time around the fire pit is an excellent way to enjoy traditional camping activities. S’mores or hotdogs can be grilled as you sit around the fire, or you can simply relax.

77. Make sure to plan your picnic before you pack your lunch and snacks, and then head out to a park to have a free “dining in” experience.

78. Make your own kite with paper, plastic straws, and string. Search for a how-to guide online to learn how to build your kite. Take your DIY kite outside when the weather is windy and let it soar.

79. Get your workout on with outdoor fitness equipment. Bring your workout buddy for some camaraderie.

Free things to do each season.

There is always something to get into without spending money, no matter the season.

In the winter.

woman man and girl sitting on snow

80. Sledding is a classic winter pastime. If you don’t have a sled, you may either find one used or borrow one from a friend. Once you have a sled, the fun times are endless.

81. Make holiday crafts with the children during winter. Winter is one of the most crafty seasons. It is also one of the most expensive! You can celebrate the Yule by making DIY cardboard dreidels or paper-plate snowflakes out of free stuff. There are plenty of ideas on the internet that will keep your family occupied on snow days or during the holiday break.

82. Decorate your home. Get those old decorations out of the attic, play some festive music, and have a blast decorating. You may even choose a yule tree to adorn outside.

83. There are several different ways you can enjoy ice fishing, whether you want to catch a meal or just have some fun out in the cold. Getting out of the house during long cold snaps is one of them. You can cut your own hole in the ice or drop your line in an existing hole. If you don’t have any experience ice fishing or know the ice conditions, it’s recommended you ask an experienced fisherman.

84. Forget about counting calories when you bake. It’s time to get those cookie sheets out. After your treats have been cooked, you can organize a cookie swap with your friends or eat them all yourself. No judgment. Or if you’re following a strict diet, plan this even on one of your “cheat days.”

85. There are a lot of ice festivals in cold weather areas, but winter celebrations aren’t limited to those areas. In many cities across the southern US, many holiday festivals are held annually. If you have friends who can sing, gather together to sing Christmas songs—even if caroling outside doesn’t appeal to you. It sounds far cozier than sitting by the piano, sipping eggnog, and enduring cold weather.

86. Driving through different neighborhoods to check out all the decorated homes and light displays is a fun way to put you in the holiday spirit. Choose your favorite neighborhoods to visit, or explore some new ones and see if they make the cut.

87. The Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, takes place on the same day as the Rose Bowl football game. The floats are composed entirely of plant material.

88. Bundle up and head outside to have fun in the snow, but have some hot cocoa waiting for you when you come inside. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight or make a snow angel. If you don’t have snow where you live, visit a park and experience the serene atmosphere and quietness. Many people choose not to visit parks in winter, for obvious reasons. If you’re seeking some solitude to connect with your thoughts, winter park visits are a great option.

In the spring.

pink flower field

89. Planting a garden is a great way to sustain yourself while enjoying the experience of producing your own food. Save seeds from the fruit you eat or regenerate vegetables from scraps. You may also be able to get free seeds from your library or local agricultural group.

90. Spring is the season when everything comes into blossom, so take a moment to appreciate the beauty. Consider taking a stroll through the cherry trees, the dogwood trees, or the crape myrtles, which are all in bloom.

91. During the warmer weather, take a stroll through the trees and observe the animals while visiting a farm or orchard. Notice the birds and bees are active. Ahh, spring is in the air.

In the summer.

blue water wallpaper

92. Make a splash at a local lake or beach, or instead try swimming at a local YMCA where you can get free swim lessons. Alternatively, you may join a friend who has free pool passes for guests, or phone a friend with a pool and invite yourself over to swim for free.

93. There are several free things to do at the beach, whether or not you’re interested in swimming. You can build a sand castle, look for seashells, or listen to music from you mobile device while taking in the beautiful scenery. Be sure to bring a cooler with drinks and snacks, and don’t forget the SPF!

94. Plan a BBQ this summer; grilling is when you move your cooking from the kitchen to the outdoors. There are plenty of expert grilling tips that are budget-friendly that you can find on Google.

95. The sight of a fireworks display is a great thing to behold. July Fourth and fireworks are synonymous. You don’t need to buy a ticket to the July Fourth festival. You may be able to find a place on the edge of town or from a lofted position to watch from.

96. Take a hike in a state or national park this summer. You can see nature at its finest during this time of year. Take a walk and see what you can see if you’re looking. There’s no telling what you might find during this time of the year. Be sure to bring bug spray as you walk, since the critters are also active. If you’re lucky, you won’t have to pay to enter your national park. So do not charge a fee if they’re national protected lands, but you should plan accordingly.

In the fall.

red leaf trees near the road

97. The beauty of autumn is when the leaves turn red, orange, and gold. Take a walk, collect the most beautiful leaves you can find, and use them for a seasonal art project or home decor. Do a leaf rub on a piece of paper, and frame it in an extra picture frame you have, or build a picture frame using sticks, glue and string.

98. Nothing says autumn like pumpkins. Get together with friends and see who can create the best pumpkin carvings. Roast the pumpkin seeds for a tasty, nutritious treat.

99. Halloween is a wonderful opportunity for families to get together and have some fun, and it also provides the chance to acquire some free candy. You may go house to house in your area or attend a free trunk-or-treat event at a local store, church, or community center. It’s a win-win situation.

100. There is no need to battle the crowds in New York City to see Macy’s renowned spectacular Thanksgiving parade. You can simply view the elaborate floats and impressive balloons for yourself from the comfort of your own home. However, live performances in your community can also be a great way to get you into the holiday spirit and kick off the season.

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Table of Contents
  1. Free things to do on a date.
  2. Free things to do with children.
  3. Free activities for groups.
  4. Free things to do while rolling solo.
  5. Free things you can do with your best friend.
  6. Free things to do out in town.
  7. Free things to do outdoors.
  8. Free things to do each season.
    1. In the winter.
    2. In the spring.
    3. In the summer.
    4. In the fall.
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